Mistakes I'll probably be repeating without much remorse

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 |
some mistakes are just meant to be made, and some just brings so much laughter :D that they become mistakes worth making. Its fun being stupid at times, and here are a list of my favourite stupidities.

1 . Eating junk food 2 hours after buffet and trying to work it all off the next day

2.  Roller Skating in front of people who are just waiting for me to fall down

3.  Going to see a movie sooooo bad crapping in your pants would have provided a better experience

4.  Walking in heels at the beach , just for the sake of proving that i can

5.  trying out weird combinations when cooking - e.g. curry powder in macaroni salad , beer in pancake batter etc.

7.  paying 50 bucks to watch my sister Crisabel eat a packet of wasabi in one go, just to start puking and crying for mercy the next second

8.  getting dragged by a bowling ball onto the bowling aisle 

9.  picking up a baby chick when the mother hen is just nearby

10. Gossiping about stupid people

11. trying to dance like Beyonce in the middle of a crowded shopping mall, much to the horror of my friends

12. Getting so obsessed with crocheting  i bought enough thread to clothe an army

14. eating too much chilli and suffering some painful 'Uploads' the next day

15. spend hours trying on many many designer clothings and end up not buying anything 

being imperfect is a blessing in disguise...embrace imperfection as if it were a perfect part of life

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