Dizzy Calender 2011 for download

Friday, December 31, 2010 |

Dear readers,
For simply dropping by and reading my blog, I am rewarding you with a self-designed 2011 calender for you to use and print out. Simply click on the calender above to go to link, when in new link, click on the photo to zoom in to full size and right-click to save image. If you have problems downloading, just click HERE and leave me your e-mail so I could personally email attachment to you. 

is it FOR FREEEEEE???? OF COURSE MY DEARS!! But i would appreciate it if you do not erase my copyright as It took hours for me to create this:) And your comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated.

so Have a blast this year DIZZYFUNCTIONAL style!!!
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I'm on the VIP list of my Favourite FLAVA!

Thursday, December 2, 2010 |

Ooohhh Yea! who doesn't like a dose of
Choco8Vanilla especially when they're feeling down. I got such a wonderful treat today by being made VIP by dear  Glay on her blog, WHAT A pleasant SURPRISE! :D

Whether I deserve it is another matter but MAN! how often does one get to be on a VIP LIST? So just let me enjoy this bliss while it lasts ok?

I'm sure EVERY SABAHAN on my followers list will know who Glaylistra is, if you don't , WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? She HAS to be one of the most active WASABER / SABAH-BLOGGER  around! So if you do not know her yet, pay her a visit NOW and say hi for me  :)
         This is THE BLOGGER you would want to be on your side, she is hyper and happy and very outgoing and she has PLENTY of  LOVE to share. Why, I have not been on the blogging scene for more than a  month and suddenly I'm a VIP on Glay's list? WOOOOT!!  *wink*.

So as a newly enthroned VIp Iwould like to offer the MADAMOISELLE LISTRA a Token of Appreciation for her kind attention upon my humble blog.


Just like dessert, Glay is sweet, soothing, and induces a happy 

sensation in anyone who manages to get a 'TASTE' of her. So all

of you, in support of Glay, raise up your sundae glasses of 

  creamy wholesome goodness 

and give a toast to the awesome, the one and only 

PS://CLICK ON ANY CHOCO8VANILLA TEXT TO VIEW GLAY'S BLOG. Please drop by her blog and 'Wooot~' her for me wontcha?
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