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The great thing about the class of LIFE 101 is that anyone can be a student and absolutely everyone can be the teacher. Do not underestimate how insightful a 4-year old can be and do not be surprised how much a 50-year old still needs to learn.

So you think you know LIFE? Well then I got a challenge for you.

carry out at least three things written in the list below.  Write down everything that happens during the course of execution. You can choose any given day and carry it out at any pace. But be sure to  Embark on these tasks with an open heart & mind. Be prepared to discard of your old views and stubborn perceptions. But do not lose yourself in it.

you'd be surprised at the things you have been missing in life all this while.

Game For It? Here we Go!

Things you need : Any sort of writing utensil ( pen/pencil/crayon/marker),
A nice looking notebook that makes you feel like writing, TIME, curiousity,
open heart& mind, people

  1. Pretend you are an alien, visiting earth for the first time. Observe Humans as if you have never seen them before.
  2. Try having an intellectual conversation with a kid younger than 7
  3. Try having a carefree ,casual conversation with a person over 60.
  4. do one nice thing for your enemy
  5. Think of one thing that resembles your life e.g. my life is like an empty apartment, it needs to be worked on and filled with stuff, and reflect on how anything can be fixed as long as there is heart.
  6. Choose a day, any day, on that chosen day, pay attention to everything that happens around you for at least 12 hours. Jot down every/any single interesting thing you heard, touched, saw, tasted, smelled. Elaborate on what it made you think and feel. 
  7. Write a short biography about someone you think is interesting. Choose a subject. Thoroughly interview subject.
  8. switch off your handphone, television and laptop for an entire day and survive.
  9. Spin an earth globe. Stop it with a finger. Research and write down at least 10 facts about the place your finger lands upon.
  10. Spend time with someone you would usually ignore or don't really like, and try your best to have a good time.
  11. Do one thing that will get you dirty (play ball in a muddy field, roll in the sand, food fight etc), take a long hot shower after. pay attention to the sensations.
  12. Make a fool of yourself in front of everyone and laugh

    Where the FUN at? You don't need a PhD to prove how much you know about Life.
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