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Ever had that performance where everything went perfect during practices, and when it comes to the show you just crumble and see a few faces trying not to cringe?

I've been there. And I've wallowed myself into a bottomless pit of self-loathing and Hershey Bars just to realize that no one really cares that much but me. And that got me thinking, why am I making things worse than it already is?

So these are a few tips I came up with to ease the disappointment or shame or whatever negative emotional experiences you have after the show, because, seriously, pining on my temporary failure to shine was PAINFULLY cramping my style, so here goes :

1.    pretend the mistakes you made was actually part of the performance , the audience usually doesn't know any better (well,sometimes they do, but heck, life is too short to worry about everyone else's feelings)

2.    do NOT cry or sulk or whine or grumble, no matter how much you want to , act carefree and happy(do not overdo it though, or you'll be screaming FAKE!) If people see you in a stormy mood they will know you DEFINITELY screwed up.

3.    if someone comes up to you and criticize , just smile and agree, and say that you were not at your best. If possible, engage in a small lighthearted chatter with the critic, hopefully his impression of you will change and he might even start feeling guilty for being so critical. And in turn you will learn about ways to improve yourself .

4.   tell yourself that you still have a NEXT TIME to redeem yourself

5.   it would be helpful to have understanding friends around you after the show to cheer you up, bring you out for ice cream or some hardcore  PAR-TAYING!

6.   make sure you look HOT, before, during and especially after the show. if people can't compliment on your show, they can still compliment on your looks.

7.  for the next few days, engage in activities that will take your mind off the failed performance. e.g. go on a shopping spree, clean your backyard, go jog or fly a kite at the beach where all the hunky dudes/sexy chicas go, bake a souffle,  open a bottle of red wine and invite friends over etc etc. DO NOT FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN'T FIX ALREADY.

8.   GO FORWARD AND STOP LOOKING BACKWARDS. Go practice some more KICK SOME ASS next time around. Moping or smashing up things  is not going to help anyone, especially not YOU.

9.   Remember, even the pros screw up now and then . and before they were pros, they may have screwed up worse.  Nobody can be perfect all the time. NOT YOU, NOT ME......
NOT EVEN (insert name of your idol here)!

10.  Do not even think of watching any recordings of the performance,  no reading of reviews from critics, no calling up friends and asking them how you did, do you want to reopen old wounds on purpose? No, no reviewing and analyzing  until you feel mentally ready and  lighthearted enough to just laugh everything off over a cup of hot, homemade chocolate with marshmallows on, and some Famous Amos cookies on the side. Which reminds me, I need to go get some myself...

Where the Fun At?  


a. cry over spilt milk

b.try to drink up whatever you can from the spilt milk like a starved refugee

c.  go get 3 more bottles of fresh milk , chocolate sauce and some cereal
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