I'm on the VIP list of my Favourite FLAVA!

Thursday, December 2, 2010 |

Ooohhh Yea! who doesn't like a dose of
Choco8Vanilla especially when they're feeling down. I got such a wonderful treat today by being made VIP by dear  Glay on her blog, WHAT A pleasant SURPRISE! :D

Whether I deserve it is another matter but MAN! how often does one get to be on a VIP LIST? So just let me enjoy this bliss while it lasts ok?

I'm sure EVERY SABAHAN on my followers list will know who Glaylistra is, if you don't , WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? She HAS to be one of the most active WASABER / SABAH-BLOGGER  around! So if you do not know her yet, pay her a visit NOW and say hi for me  :)
         This is THE BLOGGER you would want to be on your side, she is hyper and happy and very outgoing and she has PLENTY of  LOVE to share. Why, I have not been on the blogging scene for more than a  month and suddenly I'm a VIP on Glay's list? WOOOOT!!  *wink*.

So as a newly enthroned VIp Iwould like to offer the MADAMOISELLE LISTRA a Token of Appreciation for her kind attention upon my humble blog.


Just like dessert, Glay is sweet, soothing, and induces a happy 

sensation in anyone who manages to get a 'TASTE' of her. So all

of you, in support of Glay, raise up your sundae glasses of 

  creamy wholesome goodness 

and give a toast to the awesome, the one and only 

PS://CLICK ON ANY CHOCO8VANILLA TEXT TO VIEW GLAY'S BLOG. Please drop by her blog and 'Wooot~' her for me wontcha?
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  1. woooooooot~ thanks for the treat!!! i lurve the sundae too!!! gawsh, i'm going to get some! yammey~ awh, i'm so touched T_T thanks again my dearest VIP! :D

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  1. ok baaaahhh!!next time we got eat the REAL THING together!baaarulah...hahahahhaa.

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